Recorded and mixed in 2 days live, in one take, without a single overdub or vocal punch in, Chaosity is a tribute to what rock music should be  - a band in a room expressing their desire to change the world through the power of a thundering rhythm and transformational guitar glory. A trip that is real and uncompromised by the passing trends and whims of the low attention span of digital world and a fix-it-later mentality, Chaosity kicks a hole through the mundane with introspective lyrics that weave stories of what is still possible.


"They open with “Messenger” which is the arguable highlight of the album. This song flat out rocks from beginning to end with a badass attitude. I thought Estevez delivered a stellar vocal performance. He is dynamic and is full of passion when he sings. Don’t You” is another highlight which certainly has some resemblance to Queens of the Stone Age while the closer “Gonna Take Time” is an energetic song that is certainly one that will get an audience amped.”