Aramis is a songwriter and producer from Brooklyn, New York. 

Aramis Estevez is a singer songwriter from Brooklyn N.Y. He engineers and produces his music out of his studio on the edge of the Brooklyn waterfront overlooking the Manhattan Skyline in Dumbo.

His latest creation Earth Water Mother was on the heals off a self imposed hiatus from any band format or commitment after his last band Vial.

With an eye towards more experimentation and exploration musically he began sketching the melodies and ides with no boundaries or constraints. Using his phone, a 10 year old out-of-date MacBook and Garage Band, he began building from scratch what would become EWM.

The result is an ambitious journey through a complex, optimistic, sometimes blistering bombastic melancholy, ultimately triumphant 40 minutes of psychedelic heavy guitar grungy new wave melodic ubiquitous rock.

Playing every instrument himself while engineering , producing , writing and arranging on the fly

 What was initially supposed to be be a mellow spacey acoustic EP  morphed into a combination of influences ranging from

Psychedelic Beatles harmonies mixed with a guitar raged grunge urgency,  glistened with a modern day Berlin bowiesque swagger. A new rage glam polish.

Musical parts weave in and out all over the mix in a surrounding swirl of sonic interaction pannings and reverbs, vintage keyboard swells trickle at different complexities and volumes all through each mix. Not heard since the glory days of surround sound panorama  with a modern take and an eye for the future, both lyrically gloomy and beautifully optimistic at once.

An ambitious complex world.